Sweet Questions

Do you have a store?

We do not currently have a shop front, only an online store. Although we attend markets where you can try and buy our products and ask us any questions you may have, face to face.
You can find us at Market By the River, Ermington on the first Saturday of each month, The Hills UPmarkets, Castle Hill on 4th Sunday of each month.
Occasionally we also have a stall at Prince of Wales Hospital in the Baker st foyer
Please follow us on instagram and facebook to keep up to date with our locations. 

Do you deliver?

Yes. We deliver all of our products Monday - Friday, across Sydney . A calendar will appear when checking out for you to be able to select the day of delivery you would prefer. If the date is greyed out and unavailable for selection, this means the date is fully booked (or we may be closed for a holiday period) and another date will need to be selected. 
We also offer weekend delivery on Saturday & Sundays for an additional $22 charge

Do you deliver interstate ?
We currently only deliver our un-iced products such as the loaves interstate. We are working hard to find the right method, packaging and cooling system to get raw and iced products interstate but at this point in time we can offer our loaves & brownies. 

Is there a minimum order spend ?

No, you can choose as much or as little as you like

What is your delivery window and pricing?

We cannot commit to a specific delivery time but we try to meet your needs as best we can. We we send you a text approx 30 minutes before your goodies are due to arrive to ensure someone is home.
National Delivery pricing will display at the final stage of the online checkout process. 

How long will my order take?

We make fresh to order usually within a day or two and we aim to have your order delivered to you within 2-4 days depending where in Australia you are.  
You will be notified by email if there are any expected delays with your order.

Are your desserts gluten free?

Yes, all of our desserts are gluten free. Plus soy, dairy, grain, Preservative & refined sugar free . Made from 100% natural ingredients

What ingredients are used in your desserts?

We source organic plant based ingredients including cashews, almonds, coconut, raw cacao powder, Coconut oil & coconut milk just to name a few 

Are your desserts handmade?

Absolutely, we make each dessert by hand only when ordered to maintain freshness and quality.... and you'll taste the difference  

Can we place a special order?

Definitely. If there is a special "look" or theme you want,  feel free to contact me and discuss.