Rustic Rich- Set of 3 full loaves

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3 Pack
Receive one full loaf in each flavour


Apple Cinnamon 
 Orange Almond 
 Orange Fig & Hazelnut


 Full loaves serve 8-10 slices each


Vegan | Paleo | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Grain free|  Refined Sugar Free | Organic



All products are made fresh to order & are handmade. They may not all be identical or exactly as pictured but will all taste delicious. 
Some of the products listed above may include ingredients such as tree nuts, bee pollen or peanuts that can cause allergic reactions.  
All our treats are handmade from products with shells, pips and seeds. 
We make every effort to remove these during processing but some small fragments may remain in the finished product. 
Please exercise caution when consuming.