Raw Vegan Choc Mint Macadamia

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The perfect trio of Chocolate, Mint & Macadamia's make up this delightful cake.
It's the perfect cake to share for a special occasion or to simply slice up and enjoy between family & friends.







How do I store my RAW desserts?

Raw cakes & desserts MUST be kept frozen in the freezer up until the day of your party/event.  For large cakes, let them slowly defrost in the fridge from the morning of your event. 
For small raw desserts you can keep them frozen right up until half hour before you want to eat them.

Please note, due to the nature of RAW cakes/desserts, they will start to soften fairly quickly at room temperature and will darken in colour within an hour. This is due to the "all natural" aspect of the product.

Keep them cool to keep them perfect 






All our treats are handmade from products with shells, pips and seeds. 
We make every effort to remove these during processing but some small fragments may remain in the finished product. 
Please exercise caution when consuming.