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About Beska Chella

About Beska Chella

Posted by Rita Duma on 8th Jun 2018

Welcome to Beska Chella.
It all started for the simple fact that both my husband and I have a huge sweet tooth and after I struggled to loose pregnancy weight after having our first daughter, when my second daughter was born (only 16months later) I decided to do something that was going to make a real life 'impact'.

So Simon and I went on a "lifestyle change" together. Clean eating consisting of Wholefoods, 100% Plant Based, Organic,  Sugar free, Dairy free. 

Combined with HIIT workouts, in 10 short weeks both my husband and I lost 14-16kilos and now live a healthier more active lifestyle. But it wasn't just the weightloss, after transitioning to 100% plant based, my body just felt better from the inside out. My skin was clearer, my hair longer and shinier, no upset tummies and now i very rarely even get the sniffles.

Of course because of our love of all things sweet but not wanting to pump our bodies (or my children) with processed, high sugar foods. So I started baking healthy sweets until I got the perfect list of Organic, Paleo, Refined Sugarfree & Vegan treats. 

We created the name Beska Chella from our two daughters (Bella & Cheska) and started our instagram page and selling through this online store in July 2017. Here we are now Australia's one & only Healthy bakery to offer both Raw and Baked Healthy treats like never before. Delicious and Nutritious in every bite.

We know 'cake happens' in our lives, birthdays, visitors, Christmas... any excuse really. So we are here to give you the guilt free option. No longer do you need to miss out on cake if you have an intolerance or are on a healthy journey like we are. Our children Eat the best cake in the world - the ones made with REAL INGREDIENTS.