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Bambi's Garden

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Two Layer tier cake of choc vanilla swirl cake.
The bottom layer finished with a chocolate woodgrain finish and decorated with bambi & friends toppers, paper flowers & mushrooms. 
Age topper/candle included in the cake.


please email with the age topper you require.


Vegan | Paleo | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Grain Free | Refined Sugar Free



Please note: 




All of our cakes are made with 100% natural plant based ingredients and must be kept refrigerated at all time until you are ready to display cut and serve the cake.




The cake can be left on display for approx 30 mins.  
The colour of the icing may deepen after this point depending on the temperature of the room. 
Please organise with your venue some allocated fridge space for your cake.




All products are made fresh to order 
They may not all be identical or exactly as pictured but will all taste delicious. 


Some of the products listed above may include ingredients such as tree nuts or peanuts and we are not a nut free kitchen so please consider allergic reactions.  




All our treats are handmade from products with shells, pips and seeds. 
We make every effort to remove these during processing but some small fragments may remain in the finished product. 
Please exercise caution when consuming.