About Me

Hello Im Rita, welcome to Beska Chella. It all started for the simple fact that both my husband Simon and I have a huge sweet tooth and after I struggled to loose pregnancy weight after having our first daughter, when my second daughter was born (only 16months later) I decided to do something different.So Simon and I went on a "lifestyle change" together. Clean eating, Wholefoods, Organic, Paleo , Sugar free, Dairy free... WOW it sounds painful when you say it all together like that but i promise it actually wasn't that bad. So that was the food side of it and with 2 kids under 2, my workouts had to be no more than 15 mins and something i could do at home... so I went with the trusty kettlebell and HIIT workouts and my husband did the same and included a lot of mobility work as well. Then in 10 short weeks both my husband and I lost 14-16kilos and now live a healthier more active lifestyle. I am by far no fitness model and definitely no super mum but I care about how I feel and now I feel amazing. Of course I still get sweet cravings, but I don't want to pump my body (or my children) with processed, fatty, high sugar foods. So I started baking healthy sweets until I got the perfect list of Organic, Paleo, Refined Sugarfree & Vegan treats. And so here I am. A small time gal, mummy of 2 , trying to make a healthy impact on my life and anyone who wants to join our Beska Chella family. We do it all ourselves, from the baking, to social media, creating this website, delivering the RAW products to you - all while raising our 2 little girls , call us crazy but we love it and if we can help support your lifestyle choice, or simply help satisfy your sweet tooth, then help support our small business and let Beska Chella bake for you.